50 Years Anniversary

1969 - 2019

50 years anniversary of Novel "Slaughterhouse 5"

Ruin of the Frauenkirche as symbolic for Peace
Goal of the March of Peace to Hellendorf

40 km March like a POW

You want marsh 40 km?

You are powerfull to walk in one day this way?

You like adventure?

You will welcome to the POW-March from Dresden to Hellendorf as march agains military Conflicts in this World.

I offer this powerfull march in Summer 2019  in memory of Kurt Vonnegut Jr and the other american POW´s.

I made this marsh 2017, it was not a nice weather, some rain, sun and wind. After this adventure, I had a great feeling days later.

Guest of this Sightseeing Tour in Dresden

I offer this tour now in

May, June, July, August and Septmber 2019.

Exclusive Price per Person: 189,00 €

Min 5 PAX - MAX 12 PAX

What is included this special offer?:

- Guided tour with tour guide for 15hrs

- small Lunch packet incl. 0,7l water

( let me know if you are a Vegetarian)

- Graduation dinner in a Restaurant

- Transport with Taxi and Local Transport  System

- T-Shirt

What do you need:

- Emotional Power

- Normal Fitness

- Trekkingboots or Hikingboots

- Backpack

- more to eat & to drink

- Clothings for weather conditions



Goal of the Kurt Vonnegut Tour in Dresden

Kurt Vonnegut Tour

From Monday to Friday is it possible to book the Kurt Vonnegut Tour in Dresden.

This tour tour is not avaibile on Sunday and during this time , where we have the Marsh to Hellendorf.

I had in February 2019 a Tour with an independent Reporter Malcolme Jack from UK.

He wrote a article about Kurt Vonnegut and is now published online.

Here the Link to the NYT

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